Kikity airstrip is located in the north-eastern Poland near the Luterskie Lake and Jeziorany town:

The airstrip is located 30 km north-east of Olsztyn city. You gen get here following the outbound radial 320 at 26 km of DVOR/DME MRA (117.30) or by GPS coordinates (53°58'58.5"N 020°52'37.6"E).

During arrival please pay attention to following zones:

EP (TFR) - 02 - east of the airstrip (3500-FL195)

EP (TSA) - 01C - north of the airstrip (3500-FL660)

EP (TSA) - 01B - north-west of the airstrip (GND-FL660)

Frequency of the FIS Olsztyn Information 118.775

Activity of the zones can be checked in the AUP section (AUP chart is very useful for the day of arrival). If you suspect that your VFR map might not be up to date please check the FIS chart of Polish airspace:

FIS chart of Polish airspace
Current AUP chart
AUP - Activity of the zones

Sample image